You’ve done therapy. You’ve tried meds. They

helped. But you still feel stuck. How about something different and affordable?

‘Most participants experience changes beyond what one would expect from therapy.‘ 

                                                                --Common Boundary Magazine in an article about my work

Welcome to the website of Cliff Bostock, PhD. I hope it will help you consider an alternative to mainstream psychotherapy, if that’s what you’re looking for.

While I do have extensive training in psychotherapy, my work is not about cures or “helping” people become “normal” in a world that has largely banished the creative imagination.

Instead, my work, which I call Imaginal Training, is a therapy of the imagination. Everything we do begins in the faculty of imagination.  As we cultivate more awareness of it and give it more freedom, our lives change in important ways.

I do this work with individuals and groups. I also do it online and I’m committed to making it affordable to people. If it sounds interesting, I invite you to explore the links above and make an appointment for an introductory session. You can call me at 404-518-4415 or, best, e-mail me at