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How I avoided the cosmetic surgery called tattooing

When I was a kid, I received almost weekly instruction from my mother never to get a tattoo.  It was one of  many things she deemed “hideous.”  She most often issued the edict as we passed a trailer park on the way to her sister’s cabin on the Catawba River, not far from our home […]

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My tales of the greedy, heartless healthcare industry

Paul Krugman mentioned a lengthy Time magazine article — “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us” — in his column Monday.  It’s by Steven Brill and describes in depth the utter piracy that has become the norm in the medical industry. There’s no question that dealing with insurance companies is a nightmare for most […]

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Electroshock and resurrection

I listened to a “Speaking of Faith” program entitled “Biology of the Sprit,” about the work of Sherwin Nuland, today. I’ll write more about that later, but I came across this moving video I wanted to be sure I didn’t lose track of. It’s about Nuland’s experience with electroshock therapy but it’s also a story […]

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