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Charlie Sheen: cracking up with America

As I’ve explained many times, I don’t watch TV, so the Charlie Sheen brouhaha didn’t enter my awareness until a few days ago when I came across the above¬† video.¬† Then I Googled and found a zillion articles and video clips in which every mental health professional on the planet, like Dr. Drew, proffers an […]

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Why do we act so dumb on the Internet?

I posted a video a few days ago on Creative Loafing’s Omnivore blog featuring a couple of Domino’s Pizza employees who exhibit some pretty disgusting behavior in the kitchen. One filmed the other while he inserted a sandwich’s cheese up his nose and farted on the meat. Having worked in concession stands at Six Flags […]

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Jean Baudrillard or Norma Desmond?

Jesus! A daily newspaper has cut editorial staff from 165 to 20 as it converts entirely to an online existence, the New York Times reports. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s move is the largest such by any newspaper in the country and, as the Times reports, will be watched closely by many other papers whose owners are […]

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High-speed Internet service for all!

Yet another way America remains behind much of the industrialized world is access to high-speed Internet service. Incredibly, we’re 22nd in the world in that respect — yet another reason our population grows more uninformed. Now, in a little reported decision (probably because it occurred on election day), the FCC has authorized a change that […]

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Wired to another device

Of my many hesitations in life, some of the more predictable pertain to technology. I didn’t buy a computer until my therapist talked me into it — well after every other writer was using one. I didn’t switch to Apple until about 3 years ago — after countless viruses and data catastrophes. My TV is […]

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