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The Economist features a strongly negative summation of the Bush presidency.  They have plenty to say that’s flattering too. My favorite paragraph, early in the essay:

He came across as an affable chap, particularly when compared with his uptight rival. Frank Bruni, who covered his election campaign for the New York Times, wrote in 2002 that “the Bush I knew was part scamp and part bumbler, a timeless fraternity boy and heedless cutup, a weekday gym rat and weekend napster.” And the then governor of Texas presented himself as a centrist—a new kind of “compassionate conservative”, a “uniter rather than a divider”, an advocate of a “humble” and restrained foreign policy. The Economist liked this mixture enough to endorse him in 2000.

Um, so that’s why the Economist endorsed him, huh? I think that boils down to: “We at The Economist voted for George Bush because he came across as the kind of guy we like to have a beer with.”

Sorry, guys, but anyone who listened closely to his empty rhetoric or bothered to examine his record in Texas knew Bush was going to be a disaster from the day he announced his candidacy.

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