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Thanks for the mail

I’ve just been through the nightmare of “migrating” my website and a few posts here disappeared. This was the latest. Sorry for the repetition it causes on Twitter and Facebook. Hey, y’all. I have received a ton of mail, especially on Facebook, about Creative Loafing’s cutback of my “Grazing” column. I haven’t been able to […]

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Remembering the ever-worsening AJC

Scott Henry has an excellent article about the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s literal flight to the suburbs in this week’s Creative Loafing. The story argues that the move from Marietta Street to Dunwoody has been occasioned by a literal shift in news content and an almost embarrassingly sycophantic effort to avoid insulting the conservative sentiments of […]

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More on Creative Loafing’s travails and the decline of journalism

UPDATE BELOW The plot continues to thicken at Creative Loafing. The paper is back in bankruptcy court this week. Nothing will be decided until next week, since court proceedings will resume on Tuesday. I’ve found the most up-to-date information on Wayne Garcia’s “Political Whore” blog on the Tampa Creative Loafing site. Former Atlanta Loafer Steve […]

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Creative Loafing and the media wags

The bankruptcy drama at Creative Loafing continues, with Atlanta Magazine and the Sunday Paper tracking the depressing details on their websites. I’ve resisted commenting on the latest developments for a number of reasons, but primarily because the unfolding story’s narrative style is just another expression of journalism’s decades-long death throes everywhere. The drama isn’t bringing […]

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A rant about journalism

I’ve been involved with Creative Loafing for over 25 years. I was editor for 7 years back in the ’80s and I’ve written my food column, “Grazing,” for them for more than 20 years. “Headcase” is nearly as old. This week, the paper laid off several of its top writers/editors. I also hear that Atlanta […]

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