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George Bush, the misunderestimated optimist

Check this out from Dan Froomkin’s column in the Washington Post: Look on the Bright Side And in yet another exit interview, Bush tells Tara Wall of the Washington Times about the upside to the current economic crisis: “One aspect of these recent times that has been overlooked is the fact that the price of […]

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Only a few left!

The wrongest book ever written.

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Don’t touch me!

I won’t be surprised if some “good explanation” for this turns up, but it remains a perfect expression of the world’s regard for our lame-duck president.

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Greenwald’s chilling description of the U.S.

As anyone who knows me personally knows, I am a huge fan of Glenn Greenwald, the former constitutional lawyer turned author and blogger for Salon. Unlike the usual pundit, Greenwald questions everything, does the investigative work journalists are often too lazy to do these days, and has a talent for seeing the bigger picture. Today, […]

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Thank you, George Bush

The Bush legacy. Unbelievable.

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