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Igor loses the debate

Does body language express anything important?

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Yes, we can assimilate Republican bullshit. Yes we can!

Under the heading of “Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned,” come two stories today. First, Mr. Obama, in his relentless push “to the center,” has now proposed his own version of “faith-based initiatives” that continue George Bush’s disbursement of tax dollars to do-good religious organizations. Of course, we are assured that Obama proposes a kinder, gentler […]

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Astrologer issues election-day warning

Beware! You may encounter a tall, dark stranger on your way to the White House! As if things weren’t bad enough, we should be bracing for an astrological cataclysm on election day. So reports the Utne Reader (in perfect seriousness): 1. “The election will be postponed or canceled due to some ‘national emergency.’” 2. “One […]

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Pundits and politicos uncover elitism!

Here’s Stephen Colbert’s send-up of the tedious claim that Barack Obama is — gasp! — an elitist. I found it particularly repelling when New York Times columnist David Books recently wrote that Obama had image problems because he’s not the sort you imagine at an Applebee’s salad bar. That’s a reprise of the criticism that […]

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