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Lee Camp: America, the land of unopportunity

Here is comedian Lee Camp describing with absolute clarity in four minutes what is happening in America. I learned long ago that the only way to effectively undermine cruelty and willful stupidity is ridicule. You cannot reason with liars whose only interest is preserving their power. Among those stupid and cruel people, alas, are the […]

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Dildorado recounts sleazy men’s room encounter with Ronald McDonald

Jöns Hellsing, a member of the Swedish group Dildorado, came across a link via Project Q Atlanta to my post a few days ago about my romance with Ronald McDonald. This is the video for Dildorado’s tune “I’m lovin’ it,” a lovely fantasy of a men’s room encounter with Ronald. The group’s Facebook page describes […]

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Bill Maher screws Bishop Schlong

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Jean Baudrillard or Norma Desmond?

Jesus! A daily newspaper has cut editorial staff from 165 to 20 as it converts entirely to an online existence, the New York Times reports. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s move is the largest such by any newspaper in the country and, as the Times reports, will be watched closely by many other papers whose owners are […]

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Pundits and politicos uncover elitism!

Here’s Stephen Colbert’s send-up of the tedious claim that Barack Obama is — gasp! — an elitist. I found it particularly repelling when New York Times columnist David Books recently wrote that Obama had image problems because he’s not the sort you imagine at an Applebee’s salad bar. That’s a reprise of the criticism that […]

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