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Very special papal announcement

The pope narrows down the cause of the world’s end. Gender theory!

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It’s not their fault

Ted Haggard and Mark Foley are both back in the news this week, both blaming childhood experiences for their sexual behavior. Foley told the AP that a sexual encounter with a priest at 12 is at the root of his sexual flirtation with Congressional pages: “I loved my early life, and then along comes a […]

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Police harassment of gays: blaming the reporter and the victim

Ever since sodomy became legal, the police have had to dream up new harassment charges against gay men who dare to behave sexually outside the home. The New York police have been hard at work seducing gay men in video stores, then offering them money for sex and then, whether they accept the money or […]

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Gay-themed commerical offends 200 people…

…and Heinz discontinues airing it in the UK. Meanwhile several thousand signatures have been collected demanding its reinstatement. Let’s see who has more power — 200 tight-asses or a couple thousand people with a sense of humor. You can read more about the mayo brouhaha here. more about “Gay-themed commerical offends 200 peo…“, posted with […]

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