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My 5,000-word fascination with mannequins resurfaces

This was a stunning blast from the past, courtesy of Joel Griswold last night. He was a source in this 1979 cover story I wrote for the old Sunday magazine at the AJC.  It’s well over 5,000 words, I think. Yes, that’s 5000 words on mannequins. My few years under contract with the magazine were […]

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Charlie Sheen: cracking up with America

As I’ve explained many times, I don’t watch TV, so the Charlie Sheen brouhaha didn’t enter my awareness until a few days ago when I came across the above  video.  Then I Googled and found a zillion articles and video clips in which every mental health professional on the planet, like Dr. Drew, proffers an […]

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Remembering the ever-worsening AJC

Scott Henry has an excellent article about the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s literal flight to the suburbs in this week’s Creative Loafing. The story argues that the move from Marietta Street to Dunwoody has been occasioned by a literal shift in news content and an almost embarrassingly sycophantic effort to avoid insulting the conservative sentiments of […]

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The ‘dean’ is delusional

Here’s an altogether amazing column from David Broder, the longtime Washington Post columnist. Broder, often called the “dean of the Washington press corps,” argues against prosecution of anyone involved in the development and execution of the program to torture detainees. The column, to be published Sunday, is dense with the usual contemptuous regard for fact. […]

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Why do we act so dumb on the Internet?

I posted a video a few days ago on Creative Loafing’s Omnivore blog featuring a couple of Domino’s Pizza employees who exhibit some pretty disgusting behavior in the kitchen. One filmed the other while he inserted a sandwich’s cheese up his nose and farted on the meat. Having worked in concession stands at Six Flags […]

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True dumb asses at work

I find this video clip from last Sunday’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” astonishing. Here we have a group of Washington pundits seated about a table, agreeing that the Bush administration monsters who devised torture routines enhanced interrogations should not be prosecuted. Particularly reprehensible is Peggy Noonan, who worries that “Somethings in life need to […]

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On encountering a hideous altar

I was driving home today and came upon this strange tableau on Bell Street, near Grady Memorial Hospital. Bell Street used to be home to a public housing project that has been razed to make way for yet another mixed-use development. This scene, which is larger than the picture denotes, is next to the bridge […]

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David Brooks grieves rapacious commerce

I read a good bit about how out of touch the political, corporate and pundit classes are, and I always tend to take it with a grain of salt. Glenn Greenwald often borders on shrill in his rants about this. Then I read something like David Brooks’ latest column and I feel beyond flabbergasted. Here’s […]

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Jean Baudrillard or Norma Desmond?

Jesus! A daily newspaper has cut editorial staff from 165 to 20 as it converts entirely to an online existence, the New York Times reports. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s move is the largest such by any newspaper in the country and, as the Times reports, will be watched closely by many other papers whose owners are […]

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Torture is good

It’s hard to find anyone in media who supports prosecuting Bush and his thugs for their numerous crimes. Even torture is defended, as this clip of Joe Scarborough illustrates. Typically, he makes up facts to support waterboarding, totally ignoring the actual fact that the process has long been considered torture by our own government. In […]

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