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My 5,000-word fascination with mannequins resurfaces

This was a stunning blast from the past, courtesy of Joel Griswold last night. He was a source in this 1979 cover story I wrote for the old Sunday magazine at the AJC.  It’s well over 5,000 words, I think. Yes, that’s 5000 words on mannequins. My few years under contract with the magazine were […]

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Lee Camp: America, the land of unopportunity

Here is comedian Lee Camp describing with absolute clarity in four minutes what is happening in America. I learned long ago that the only way to effectively undermine cruelty and willful stupidity is ridicule. You cannot reason with liars whose only interest is preserving their power. Among those stupid and cruel people, alas, are the […]

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Thanks for the mail

I’ve just been through the nightmare of “migrating” my website and a few posts here disappeared. This was the latest. Sorry for the repetition it causes on Twitter and Facebook. Hey, y’all. I have received a ton of mail, especially on Facebook, about Creative Loafing’s cutback of my “Grazing” column. I haven’t been able to […]

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Are bloggers outclassing journalists?

I’m always comforted when I read someone who is more long-winded than I am. Such is the case with Whet Moser’s discussion of the state of journalism for the Chicago Reader. Moser makes the interesting point that bloggers now often outclass newspaper journalists in terms of expertise and writing skill. He cites Glenn Greenwald and […]

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All across the nation….

Speaking of dying newspapers, the New York Times paints a gloomy picture of bankruptcies, closings and cutbacks across the nation. There’s this about the attempt to go digital: For more than two centuries, newspapers have been the indispensable source of public information and a check on the abuses of government and other powerful interests. And […]

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More on Creative Loafing’s travails and the decline of journalism

UPDATE BELOW The plot continues to thicken at Creative Loafing. The paper is back in bankruptcy court this week. Nothing will be decided until next week, since court proceedings will resume on Tuesday. I’ve found the most up-to-date information on Wayne Garcia’s “Political Whore” blog on the Tampa Creative Loafing site. Former Atlanta Loafer Steve […]

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Headline of the week

From the New York Times: Cheney Injures Back While Moving By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: January 19, 2009

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Creative Loafing and the media wags

The bankruptcy drama at Creative Loafing continues, with Atlanta Magazine and the Sunday Paper tracking the depressing details on their websites. I’ve resisted commenting on the latest developments for a number of reasons, but primarily because the unfolding story’s narrative style is just another expression of journalism’s decades-long death throes everywhere. The drama isn’t bringing […]

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It’s, like, you don’t have to read the whole boring story

I’ve been checking in with the Daily Beast, the new Salon/HuffPo/TPM-type website from Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and the New Yorker. Brown, who has refined the art of self-promotion to the degree that she’s become completely oblivious to her own obnoxiousness, is a buddy of John McCain. The new site’s political writing […]

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MoDo goes dodo over sex again

I have a love-hate relationship with Maureen Dowd, the longtime New York Times columnist. The hate days are beginning to outnumber the love days. In her column today, she wrote this: How could the White House be classy when the Clintons were turning it into Motel 1600 for fund-raising, when Bill Clinton was using it […]

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