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Blaming the blacks for Proposition 8

Writer Ernest Hardy takes down Dan Savage and exposes the lie behind blaming African-Americans for the success of Proposition 8 here. It’s a very long post but deserves reading. He provides a summary of his analysis via another blogger:

1) This [70%] number comes from *one* exit poll of 224 black voters.

2) Of the hundreds of polls done on Prop 8, not a single one showed black support above 50%.

3) Exit polls are notoriously unreliable because the sampling procedure is flawed. These are the same polls that predicted that Kerry would win in 2004.

4) I think we need to discuss the issues of race and sexuality separate from this “black people hate gay people” garbage. As I said, people believe this 70/30 stuff because it is a number that validates what they believe.

5) Why isn’t anybody talking about the hundreds of polls that showed black support for Prop 8 was *below* 50%, and very close to other ethnic and racial groups? Because those polls don’t support the hypothesis that black people have a “homophobia problem”. I think we need to discuss the issue of homophobia in the black community, but not because of a flawed poll.

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