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It’s my birthday

Somehow, this song by MGMT seems appropriate. It’s too late to die young.

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  • chamblee54 says:

    Happy Birthday.
    Is this the first comment here?
    I Saw the article about this at CL, and wanted to stop by. At first I didn’t know how to spell your name, but I realized it was B O stock, with O the only vowel.
    Blogging is a good hobby. I try to post something every day, even if I am doing good to get readers in double digits. The field is so crowded now it is tough to stand out.
    It is also much more than a diary. I seldom write about what I do, but find no shortage of things to discuss. The more you write, the more you find that you want to write about.
    You made a good move by going with wordpress instead of blogspot.
    Sacred Disorder should prove a fertile field for anagrams. Dr. See Sordid Car.

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