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Yes, we can assimilate Republican bullshit. Yes we can!

Under the heading of “Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned,” come two stories today.

First, Mr. Obama, in his relentless push “to the center,” has now proposed his own version of “faith-based initiatives” that continue George Bush’s disbursement of tax dollars to do-good religious organizations. Of course, we are assured that Obama proposes a kinder, gentler abridgement of the Constitution as he licks the ass of evangelicals.

Read the AP’s report via the Huffington Post here.

Meanwhile….There’s special cowboy-type insanity in Atlanta. A new state law went into effect today that permits carrying concealed weapons into restaurants and other public places, like state parks and public transportation systems. Would that latter include an airport?

According to Second Amendment advocates who filed a lawsuit in federal court today, it certainly would. The suit challenges the City of Atlanta’s designation of the airport as a gun-free zone despite the new law. (Click here.)

I assume the suit will get a boost from the Supreme Court’s decision last week outlawing the District of Columbia’s gun ban.

I know I look forward to standing two hours in a line for my laptop and shoes to be examined while impatient gunslingers play pocket pool with their pistols.

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