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‘Uncle’ Frank’s peaceable kingdom

I’m sitting on six or more unfinished posts for this blog, but had to upload these graphics as soon as I saw them. Actually, quite a few more are available on



















I’ve long been fascinated with circuses and carnivals. I doubt that I’m related to the Frank Bostock who founded this turn-of-the-century menagerie circus, but it pleases me to think so. (My grandfather’s name was Frank and  both men were Brits.)

Bostock’s Circus wasn’t  limited entirely to animal acts, but also apparently featured sideshows with figures like this tattooed man. (The marketing for the picture refers to “gay interest.” I have no idea.)













Here’s a shot of the Coney Island arena where the circus was apparently headquartered for a time.
















I like this graphic of Frank from a program for one of his shows. If only my demons comprised such a peaceable kingdom now and then.










Edit: Yikes I just discovered that the above graphic is based on a real picture:














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