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Woman remains tranquil while interviewing snake

I don’t watch TV. It’s nothing elitist; I’ve just never been into it, even as a child. I know I miss a lot.

I do however listen to the radio in my car, mainly Air America, and I long ago chose (Dr.) Rachel Maddow as my favorite host there. She now has her own TV show on MSNBC.

The video below is linked in a post on the fabulous T Rex’s site. In it she interviews the disgusting David Frum, the former Bush speechwriter and National Review Online writer, who has declared himself a kind of moral exemplar of proper Republican behavior. He is condescending and just plain stupid in his attempt to establish moral equivalence between Rachel’s wit and the ad hominem invective of McCain-Palin supporters.

Just look at that face!

How she mantains her composure, much less her smile, is mystifying to me. I would have come unglued on the spot. I want her to rip his head off, but she is polite and focused, so that in the end he comes off like a shifty-eye impersonator of Richard Nixon. You see quite clearly that while he distances himself from the rhetoric of McCain, Palin and Dubya, he is in fact just a calmer spouter of the same bile.

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