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She’s not Cinderella

An Alaska political blogger brilliantly summarizes the fairy tale of Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin has “fairy tale” written all over her.  From her humble beginnings to her humble middlings, to her swift Cinderella rise to fame as Alaska’s first female governor.  And now to the surreal celestial realm of national celebrity, riding around in her pumpkin coach […]

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The Economist features a strongly negative summation of the Bush presidency.  They have plenty to say that’s flattering too. My favorite paragraph, early in the essay: He came across as an affable chap, particularly when compared with his uptight rival. Frank Bruni, who covered his election campaign for the New York Times, wrote in 2002 […]

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George Bush, the misunderestimated optimist

Check this out from Dan Froomkin’s column in the Washington Post: Look on the Bright Side And in yet another exit interview, Bush tells Tara Wall of the Washington Times about the upside to the current economic crisis: “One aspect of these recent times that has been overlooked is the fact that the price of […]

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Only a few left!

The wrongest book ever written.

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Torture is good

It’s hard to find anyone in media who supports prosecuting Bush and his thugs for their numerous crimes. Even torture is defended, as this clip of Joe Scarborough illustrates. Typically, he makes up facts to support waterboarding, totally ignoring the actual fact that the process has long been considered torture by our own government. In […]

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‘I ain’t ringin’ you up, you heathen birth-controller’

George Bush scurries to impose his lame-duck moral values on us:

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Blaming the blacks for Proposition 8

Writer Ernest Hardy takes down Dan Savage and exposes the lie behind blaming African-Americans for the success of Proposition 8 here. It’s a very long post but deserves reading. He provides a summary of his analysis via another blogger: 1) This [70%] number comes from *one* exit poll of 224 black voters. 2) Of the […]

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The good ole days

Ah, the good ole days — the Reagan years. I ran into this Fishbone video on Crooks and Liars. It will make you nostalgic for the original Ground Zero, when the US was doin’ the mayhem and, 40 years later, we were still thumping our chests with the Gipper.

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Don’t touch me!

I won’t be surprised if some “good explanation” for this turns up, but it remains a perfect expression of the world’s regard for our lame-duck president.

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The gays go all ACT-UP

Last Saturday was the “National Day of Protest.” Gay men and women all over America demonstrated against California’s adoption of Proposition 8, which makes gay marriage in that state illegal again. I’m not going to discuss the idiocy of permitting majorities to restrict the rights of minorities through referenda. It may take a while, but […]

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